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Improved wordpress performance

Improved wordpress performance

About Improved wordpress performance 6 consequential Plugins to better WordPress Management Environment
Have you ever wanted to change the default color in WordPress,
add it to your brand, or add a new section to guide your customers?
In this article, we are going to introduce you with WordPress personalization by introducing plugins (WordPress Plugin).
Continue with the web organization.

1-Change the background color of the WordPress Admin Area:

If you are tired of seeing the repetitive and consistent color of the WordPress background,
you can change it in the User Profile by clicking on your profile.
On this page, WordPress will offer you 8 color schemes.
In addition to the site administrator,
other people who have an account in WordPress can also make such a change by referring to the section.

2. Create custom color scheme:

About Improved wordpress performance If you did not like any of the 8 default WordPress color schemes,
you can create your own layout without writing a specific code.
Simply install and activate the Admin Color Schemer plugin,
and then select the Admin Colors option from the Tools menu.

3. Set the default color scheme for all WordPress users:

About Improved wordpress performance If you want to select a default color scheme for the Admin Context of all WordPress users,
you can do so by adding a small code to the functions.php WordPress template. This code is shown below.

4. Hide unnecessary items from the WordPress admin section:

About Improved wordpress performance If you do not want the users to have access to all the options in the management menu,
you can hide some of them based on the user’s role.
This is common in websites with a few authors.
To do this, install and activate the Adminimize plugin.
By selecting Adminimize from the Settings option,
the different sections of this plugin will be visible.

5. Add custom links to the WordPress toolbar:

About Improved wordpress performance The WordPress toolbar or the Manage Tools toolbar is at the top of the Manage page,
which has useful shortcut keys for accessing various WordPress pages.
By adding custom shortcuts to this bar,
you can easily access your links in the WordPress environment.
To do this, add the following code to the file functions.php file.

6. Restricted access to the WordPress dashboard:

About Improved wordpress performance By default, all users of WordPress Web sites can access the management environment.
But since each user’s activity is defined by its role,
this access can be limited, because in practice these users do not need any WordPress dashboard options.
To do this, install and activate the Remove Dashboard Access plugin.


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