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A variety of coffee

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Different types of coffee are varied depending on the type of ingredients and its ingredients. Some of the main types of coffee are: Turkish coffee, smoked coffee, French coffee or a filtered coffee, and some coffee made with the main coffee mix with other ingredients include Espresso Lungo, Espresso Dipio, Capuccino and. ..


It has come to you that when you go to a coffee shop to buy coffee, you’re confused about choosing a coffee type, or when you look at me in the coffee shop when you look at me to pick coffee, and do not know which one is different with the rest. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a variety of coffee. So come along with us.

A variety of coffee
Coffee has a variety of varieties that differ in how it breaks, the type of grains, and the type of processing it has. We will introduce you all kinds of coffee.


1 Turkish Coffee Turkich Coffee
The Turkish coffee is easily powdered and thoroughly powdered. The boiled coffee breaks through the regular boiling coffee on the gas flame, and after preparing a little cup of coffee and a little bit of Lord’s cup of coffee. It is worth noting that the manner in which Turkish coffee is cooked in different countries is slightly different, but in general, everywhere, they pour the browned ground together with the water into a container and put on a flame to boil. Brown in this way is called turkish coffee in Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary.
It’s interesting to know that this type of brewing coffee is the first time that Yemen has come to the forefront of the great Ottoman ruler in the 16th century and introduces it to the king, and that the coffee is famous and popular in other parts of the world. It will also be found.

2 French or coffee filter coffee filter
One of the easiest and most popular ways to brew coffee is French coffee.
French coffee is a bit sharper than Turkish coffee. Brew French coffee with a French press (French maker) or a coffee maker. It breaks down so that the coffee beans remain inside the paper filter or the lace filter, leaving only the extract from the hot water. Concentration of French coffee is like diluted tea and has no foam and lord and often drinks in ordinary glasses.

3 Espresso Coffee Espresso
Espresso coffee is another type of coffee, made from rosé coffee and softer than French coffee. Spray the espresso coffee with a special espresso machine and its function is that the water passes through high-pressure coffee beans and extracts the extract of the coffee. Serve the espresso coffee in small cups and put on a cup of thin, light colored upholstery and has no lord.



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