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Take care of the baby’s skin in the winter
In the winter, dry air inside the house and cold outside, leads to cracks, dryness, burning and redness in the skin of the infants. So with the coming of the winter season, you need more than replacing diapers and breastfeeding. Baby skin

Let’s not leave the baby’s lips
The baby’s lips are like roses and do not forget to care for them. Before you go out, cover the baby’s lips with a very thin layer of vase line. This creates a protective wall between the lips and the cold and reduces the chance of cracking and drying the lips. To treat the cracks and dryness of the lipstick, you can also use lotions, oils, and anti-allergenic creams for the baby. If you want to use a baby lotion, you should use a thicker layer to do this. If the baby’s lips are cut off, apply a small amount of ointment or soft lips on the incision.
Pay attention to the skin of the baby’s nose in the cold
If the cold causes a runny nose to the nose, try to prevent the skin from drying and cracking. You can use vaselazine or other anti-allergic baby creams. Keep the nose underneath with some special baby cream or wet petaline. Do this several times throughout the day. It is also very helpful for removing dry nasal mucus. Use wet cloths when you need to clean your nasal nose. Infants with eczema are likely to have bacteria in their nose. If you notice scaling around the nose and mouth and accompanying severe nasal congestion, contact a specialist to resolve the infection by administering topical antibiotics.

Prevent drying of the baby’s skin
Make sure your baby’s skin is wet. It is important to use a moisturizer for a stomach before going home. Do not take the baby every day to the bathroom. Always use soap and baby soap in the bathroom.
Dry the baby dry with a clean towel, after the baby has finished finishing the games and enjoying the jug in the bathtub. Do not try to drag the towel onto the baby’s body. This will cause the skin of the baby to be burned. When your skin is wet and not dry yet, massage your lotion to better absorb the body.

Prevent the baby from burning sweat in the winter
Your baby may also be sweaty in the winter. Burning sweets are not specific to the summer season. This happens when the small tubers are sweaty. If the baby is too warm in the winter or is in a place where there is little airflow (such as a baby car seat), the baby will be sweaty.
Cover the clothes in layers to prevent infant burning. In this form, the air flows through them. Then, whenever you see her body temperature rises, remove a layer of clothing from her body and put the baby in a place that is comfortable in the comfort and condition of the air. When you go out to your home, remove the baby’s clothes from her tone and allow the air to flow in her clothes.

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