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The best kind of nail planting

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Nail planting

Nail planting

Nail planting has a variety of types.
If you are looking for the best kind of nail planting,
you first need to know them, and then choose one from them,
such as a powder, gel or mold, which is the right choice for you.

Nail planting is one of the most popular women’s beauty services these days.
Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nails, the lack of nail growth,
the prevention of nail biting, the lack of time to handle the nail,
the nicks and the fragility of the nail, and … All can all be the reasons a woman is doing nail planting.
It does not matter which motifs you choose to nail, but it’s best to know how to nail a nail.

The best kind of nail planting is planting which, in addition to its elegance and beauty,
is also durable and has a high strength.
For many women, it’s a question of which nail model is the best!
Here is the answer to this question, in addition to a brief explanation of the types of planting.

1. Planting the mold

In this method, first nail an antifungal to nail.
Then planting the material into the artificial nail mold to take shape,
then put the mold on the nail and push it to make the material touch the nail.
In this method, there is no other sifting.
After a short time, the so-called nail is taken up by the air,
and the accumulation of air underneath the nail is one of the most important reasons for the emergence of the fungus.
In this type of planting, care should be taken to minimize contact with water.
In fact, this type of planting is the easiest type of planting and
at the same time its most abundant type.
In general, this type of planting is not advisable unless you have even-sized nails, smooth and smooth.


2- Gel nail planting

Gel nail planting materials are ready to be available on the market and can be purchased and known as gel.
In this method, after placing the type
and anti-fungus on the nail, place the nail in the uvula (UV) to dry.
At the last stage, the slaughter takes place.
This method is the safest implantation in terms of nail health.
The nail will have the least damage in the gel planting.
In fact, planting with gel is similar to powder planting,
but it is different in the materials used and takes less time to powder planting.
For this reason, it is the most popular method, but in terms of quality,
resistance and elegance it is less than a powder planting.
This method is better than the shape method.
Nail gel nail extensions are recommended for those who are accustomed to nail biting,
because the bad taste of the gel and the lack of gum stuffs it out of your head.

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