dancing benefits

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Dancing Benefits

Like most exercises or sports,
dancing has physical benefits on our body and overall health ,
Dancing influence on the health and morale of the person,
as a matter of fact dancing is also a kind of sport,
which it is in the field of happy sports.
Many people have jobs that are desk jobs I mean they sit at the table for a few hours a day,
so Long-term sitting during the day can lead to stiffness ,
Dancing makes the body more flexible because dancing force you,
to cradle yourself in a variety of ways that you never do in the normal way,
aslo its makes you to bend and straight.
Dancing on a regular basis will increase your overall flexibility,
which can prevent some long-term sit-up damage.
aslo dancing Strengthens the power and keep us physically and mental fit,
It helps to boost your overall power,
raises your endurance and memory and make you smarter.
whilst The physical movement of dance helps reduce stress,
anxiety and depression,
dancing with others also helps us feel more connected and social.

Mental illness

Dance have advantages for those with mental illness,
This is because dance uses their body to show emotion ,
and people torture from mental illness usually find it hard to express their feelings,
as a result dance process a chances for individuals to communicate their feelings.
Two new studies declare that dancing may keep you healthy well into old age,
possibly by reducing the risk of disability and dementia.

Types of dance

Ballet – this dance style focuses on flexibility and technique.
Tap dancing – this dance style focuses on timing.
Hip-hop – this dance style can involve breaking, popping, locking and freestyling
Salsa – this dance style have emphasises rhythms and sensuality.
Square-dancing – this dance style moving around each partners.
Jazz – this dance style involving kicks, leaps.
Belly dancing – this dance style is fun and best way to exercise.
Ballroom dancing – this dance style is such as the waltz, swing, ,tango rumba and foxtrot

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