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Detecting age from the photo

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A site for recognizing the age of people from the photo
Microsoft is among the big companies in the ranking and the huge capital that is undoubtedly one of the first few companies in the world to help people with the will of important programs, such as Windows and Office. Detection Age

But one of the steps that Microsoft has just made is to provide a comprehensive site for age detection that users can use to make the whole of the new Microsoft service, How-old.net, which continues to focus on the cloudy technology sector. The more you become familiar with it.

Humans, because of their daily concerns or being busy with day-to-day work, may sooner see what they thought were wrinkles on their faces, which indicates that aging is wrinkles. They are today that they can be eliminated using laser devices. So you have to rest in addition to your daily routine so you do not overlook the time and you can live as best you can.

However, after a while, we would like to know that our face and appearance, apart from our true age, have been a few years ?! Which is sometimes impossible, and maybe we’re going to give our friends a look at what our face is a couple of years old.

How to recognize the real age of the face by how-old.net
As a result, Microsoft has unveiled a website in a recent fashion that allows its users to be notified of their true age by uploading their images!

How to use How-old.net
To use this website, you first need to enter “how-old.net” and then upload your image and let the robots on this website recognize your age, and on your new page, your real age See.

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