خانه Plants and Animals Dog breed of Pameranin

Dog breed of Pameranin

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Pamarenin dog

Paramenian dog

The parmeranin dog  is a favorite of aristocrats and ordinary people
and is known as an ideal companion.
The magnificent cover, the smile,
the cheerful face and the agile personality make it one of the most popular breeds of the dog.

Pamarenin dog
Pamarenin dog

The dog breed of Pameranin or Pameranin is a combination of a small body (up to 4 kilos) and a great dog’s behavior.
The thick and massive covers on the breasts
and shoulders of this breed of dogs have very varied patterns and colors,
but are more orange or red.
Take a look at this cute and popular breed of domestic dogs.

Paramenian dog breed characteristics

Paramenian dog In general, the Pamarenin Dog is a proud and promising appearance.
Compact, strong and cuddly,
has a series of rounded ears and sharp tips and foxes.

Pamarenin dogs have deep eyes and they are always on standby.
The hair underneath them is soft and dense,
and the overcoat is hard and soft,
while their hair curtain bends over their back.
Their coatings can be of any color,
but are usually red, orange, brown or black.
In brief, the characteristics of the dog breamparin are as follows:
Small and shaggy
Be alert and watchful
Clever and eager to learn
Lazy and cheerful
Suitable for:
Adult people
Flat Villas
And those who spend most of their time on the sofa

Pamarin Dog Size

Paramenian dog  The height of the bumper Paramenian dog  is 18 to 31 cm
and weighs from 1.5 to 3.5 kilograms.
Some breeders have cubs that weigh about 6 to 7 kilos or more like the past.
The breed of dog Pameranin is a great choice for children and families.

How is life with Pamarenin dog?

Paramenian dog is a small dog with a big Paramenian dog  character.
Although lively, friendly and entertaining, they can be a bit of a realm.
They stick to their owners very much and this can make them suspicious
and suspicious of strangers.
This feature not only ensures loyalty
and confidence in Paramenian dog ,
but also makes them a great protector.
Paramenian dog are small,
but when a stranger approaches their homes or their owners,
they can produce a loud sound.
In spite of this caution, the dog breed of panthrin is not too tangled or affiliated,
and compromises with all family members
and other pets, provided they are properly introduced.
The Pamarenin dog is playful and curious and has a lovely independence,
but it needs your interest and attention.
Sometimes they will show you happiness by standing on their back and barking.

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