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Only five words are enough to understand Paul Marciano’s dream when it comes to the brand and how it works. “The world is our battlefield,” with Marciano’s handwriting, 63-year-old CEO and CEO, written on a floor on the first floor of the main Guess brand building, illuminated with neon lights.

The history of the brand

An American girlfriend, dressed in American clothing and apparel companies, and other fashion-like accessories such as watches, perfumes and jewelry. This brand was founded in 1981 and its main site is Los Angeles, USA. Guess initially started working with George and Marick, then Armand and Paul Marciano. Stunning designs, stylish and stylish guess styles, jeans made from agglomerates that are taller, softer and more enjoyable than the ones on the market, are the hallmarks of the Guess brand, which forms the cornerstone of their success in the fashion and apparel world. . Marik was responsible for the brand’s development and Armand was the distributor. Managed the advertising bridge, and they all managed a family business with each other, which was able to achieve great success.

In 1981, their first store was opened in the Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, and thus the process of reopening the new Guess stores began around the world, and it continued. There are a number of Guess stores in Canada and the United States. The company also has a lot of dealerships in South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Europe and other parts of the world. At the moment, the brand has left its footprint at 484 points on the globe.

The first gigantic success was Marilyn Jean, who, in addition to being crocheted on his knees, was also getting zipped. After about a year, the proceeds from the sale reached 6 million. Little by little, ambitions and development plans went beyond their bank accounts, and they were forced to close new partners to fund new contracts, leading to a lot of court trials.

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