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Hair mesotherapy

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Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that works through the injection of medications, vitamins and other elements effective in hair growth and strengthening. It also has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Are you also one of those people who are very worried about hair loss? Mesotherapy is one of the new ways to prevent hair loss, in which materials that are effective in hair growth and enhancement are injected into the scalp. In this article, there are some important issues about the method of mesotherapy, benefits, complications and care before and after this.

How to do a mesotherapy to treat hair loss
In the mesotherapy method, special nutrient solutions are injected with a small needle at a depth of 1 mm in the scalp, in the presence of hair follicles. This method stimulates the scalp to strengthen the hair. This surgery is completely painless and lasts about 40 minutes.
The most important materials in the solutions used in the method of hair mesotherapy
In the method of mesotherapy, as a novel method for preventing hair loss, the ingredients used to strengthen hair such as all kinds of vitamins and proteins are used. The most important of these materials are the following:
Types of vitamins
Vitamin c
Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid and Biotin
These vitamins will increase blood flow and strengthen hair follicles.

Extract of plants
Palm plant
Ginseng plant
Ginkgo biloba plant
Rosemary plant
The benefits of using these plants include increased blood supply to the hair roots and reduced the negative effects of DHT in hairs.

Protein and amino acids
Soybean plant extract
Chickpea Extract
The injection of these materials also strengthens the root of the hair and increases the thickness of the hair wings.

Who is the best for hair mesotherapy?
The need for mesotherapy is diagnosed through clinical trials. In these experiments, those who are suffering from hair loss due to lack of minerals and vitamins needed to grow hair follicles are introduced to mesotherapy centers.

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