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Hermes brand history

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The Hermes brand is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. This French brand was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes in France, which initially produced horse and saddle. This luxury brand, which is the product of interest to many of the richest people in the world, is also one of Dina’s most successful companies.


Hermes brand history

Thierry Hermes was born in 1801 from a German mother and a French fiancé. In 1837, he founded a saddle and horseback rider named Hermes in France. Since its inception, Hermes was a luxury brand and expensive. The Hermes saddles and tights were all from the wealthy and noble of Paris.

This luxury luxury brand has been given to the Hermes family over the years and its ownership has been transferred from generation to generation. After Thierry’s death, his business came to his son William Emile Hermes. William, like his father Zain and Tesar, may have been wondering what a horseshoe shop is known about with Hermes luxury products. This also has an interesting story. In 1922, William’s wife came to Paris to buy her handbag, but did not find her favorite bag. William decided to make his wife’s favorite bag. Thus, the first Hermes branded bag was produced, and the bag was also added to Hermes.

In the following years, new products were added to the Hermes product portfolio, and the horse’s footprint was removed from the French brand. In 1930, Hermes began producing beautiful scarves, and in 1937 she opened her scarf production factory.

But the production of Hermes perfumes began in 1949. Now the Hermes brand deals with the production of bags, clothing, watches, perfumes and more. Currently, Hermes has 12 departments whose products are produced in these sectors or sub-collections.

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