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Hugo Boss brand

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Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss brand, often known as the BOSS brand, is a German luxury brand that was founded by Hugo Ferdinand Bass in 1924 and is home to Metzingen, Germany.

The main focus of the Hugo Boss brand was the production of military uniforms for Nazi soldiers during World War II and even before the war began. After the war and the death of Hugo Ferdinand Bass, the founder of the brand, the company focused on the production of men’s suit. The company became famous in 1985 and began designing and manufacturing a women’s clothing line in 1997. The first collection of women’s clothing in 2000, and in 2008 added baby clothes to its range of products, and has since grown to become one of the largest houses in the world with over 1100 stores. Fashion will be in the world.

History of the Hugo Boss brand

Hugo Boss, some time after his start, was bankrupt due to the economic conditions of that time. But in 1931, he agreed with his creditors and began to work with six sewing machines. In the same year, he joined the Nazi Army, where sales and profits from sales of his products multiplied.

In 1946, Hugo Boss was deprived of the right to vote and run a business for funding the group and producing uniforms for joining the Nazi group, and heavily fined for seventy thousand dollars. Bass later appealed and, in a new ruling, was recognized as a supporter and follower of the Nazi Party, which made his punishment cheaper. He died in 1948, but his business continued to survive.


Due to the bans curfew, his groom, Eugen Holy, was the owner and owner. In 1950, the company received its first man-made suit, and gradually and by the end of the year the number of employees reached 150. In 1969, he retired and left the company to two of his sons, which contributed to the global brand development.

The company introduced the first perfume under brand name in 1984. This led to the company’s stock growth in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the same year. In the same years, the brand helped to recognize several famous golf and tennis players through sponsorship. In 1989, the company designed its first sunglasses under its license. The following year, the company was purchased by a Japanese group.

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