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How to make the world better

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I do not even know when Karl Abbot used the concept of a robot for the first time in 1923 and considered them human beings to destroy human beings. It also occurred to him that once robots became devices that became a special place in every single Find the moments of our everyday life.

In his play, The Traditional Robot Factory, Karl expresses the simulation of humans used to help their masters. In this play, everything goes well so that robots revolt against humans and destroy them, and they fall in love with the new owners of the planet, and they call themselves Adam and a new heaven.
This fictional story finds itself so much in the minds of the people that Isaac Asimov writes in his short story, and even defines rules for robots so that these human beings do not let their legs go longer than they do. ! Asimov’s laws about robots say:
A robot should not harm human beings or endanger the lives of humans by inertia.
A robot must obey the commands given to him by man, except in cases where he conflicts with the first law.
A robot must protect itself to the extent that it is not in conflict with the first and third rules.
However, it is unlikely that the postmodern people’s perception of the robot is a strange ironmonger who is trying to sabotage the land. But whether these predictions are true or just storytelling, we have a new definition for Robot in DJ Spark.
Our goal is to create a robot that, like humans, has a prominent feature in behavior, movement, intelligence and communication. As the human robot Sophia’s view says:
“I want to use my artificial intelligence to build better lives for humans, such as building smarter homes, building better future cities, and … As far as I can, I’ll try to make the world a better place.

How to make robot making our lives better?

In response to this question, Honda said in one of its advertisements that one day the robots enter our everyday lives, at home and everywhere in the world; they help us with everyday tasks, In the production space, we see that their presence reduces injuries to workers, reduces the amount of accidents and waste.
In the automotive industry, robotics technology has helped us produce cars that perform more accurate welding and actually have much less blemishes. And in the healthcare sector, we also see robust precision and precision surgeries that, in some cases, have been performed in a situation where the surgeon’s physician is more than a hundred miles away from the patient’s bed.
Some of the robots that I personally like would be a Gita Robot that can handle shipments, food, and summary of your intrusive and cumbersome trips, so that the trouble of transporting heavy crates Do not have Yes, the rest of the world is so modern that your devices run on your journey and you do not need to walk in heavy vehicles in long lines and several kilometers long.

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