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Potassium is one of the essential ions needed for the body. Many biological functions in cells require this ion. In this article you can get acquainted with food containing potassium.


Do you know that potassium is one of the essential nutrients for muscle movements? You need an average of 4,700 mg of potassium daily, which can be corrected by a proper diet. One of the foods containing potassium can be yogurt, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.
The need to use potassium in the diet
Physiological functions in the body are controlled by valves or canals that control the entry and exit of substances into and out of the cells, which cause the stability and survival of cellular and intercellular functions in the body. The opening and closing of these valves and channels are generally affected by ions such as potassium, sodium and elements such as hydrogen. In addition, potassium ion plays an important role in correct muscle contraction and muscle movements, and by protecting the blood vessels, it also helps maintain proper blood flow to the body and prevents heart attacks due to heart failure.

Daily body intake of potassium
According to studies, each adult person needs 4,700 mg of potassium daily. Although excess amounts of potassium may be harmful to the body, it is very important to get natural amounts. You will learn about potassium foods.

Food containing potassium
The most nutritionally rich foods are known in terms of potassium ion and their use in diet.
1 potato
Among the potatoes, one of the foods containing potassium is very high. On average, one average potato is about 700 mg of potassium. Potatoes are also one of the energy sources. It contains 130 calories of energy, and in addition to providing the body’s energy, it can also supply the body with fiber and beta-carotene daily. Potatoes can be used in a variety of ways, such as fried, mashed potatoes, or in different forms of steaming along with many foods. Potatoes can also be used to taste salsify.

2 tomato
Tomato is one of the great vegetables. Tomato paste has high potassium content. A tablespoon of tomato paste contains approximately 650 mg of potassium. Tomato paste can be added to many foods to increase the taste and taste. Also, adding raw tomatoes to meals in the form of salads and … can also meet your body’s potassium needs.
3 Beetroot
Beet leaves are a rich source of potassium. The cooked and steamed beetroot leaves contain approximately 650 mg of potassium per semimeter. Beets, in addition to potassium, have high levels of antioxidants and can also supply iron to the body. Beets or its leaves can be eaten in many foods, especially soups and porridges.

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