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Prevent Hacking WiFi

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Preventing hacking Wi-Fi

Preventing hacking Wi-Fi

Preventing hacking Wi-Fi is of great importance to people using the WLAN.
Otherwise the security of users is compromised.
Preventing hacking Wi-Fi at its simplest level prevents economic losses.
In fact, one of the easiest
and worst reasons to hack Wi-Fi for others is to use their Internet traffic in an obvious and free way.
So if your WiFi is hacked, the Internet traffic you use will be faster than usual,
and you will be required to pay extra for recharging it. On the other hand,
due to the distribution of Internet bandwidth that hacked your WiFi,
in some cases the quality and speed of the Internet can also change and drop to a significant degree.

Aside from this,
hacking your Wi-Fi can be the starting point for others to penetrate the devices through which you connect to the Internet.
As a result, Wi-Fi hacking has to be taken seriously
and the Internet has closed the ways of coping with the influence of others.
This issue is becoming more
and more important for users who are connected to the Internet through offices and companies or institutions with Wi-Fi.
The question now is what are the ways to prevent hacking Wi-Fi
and how can you secure a home or office wireless network against the influence of foreigners?


Ways to prevent hacking

Prevention is better than treatment, as the old one said.
So you need to reduce as much as possible the background requirements for hacking your WiFi
and eliminate them as much as possible.
For example, always try to shut down the modem if you’re not at home or at work,
or turn off the modem completely in the modem. In this case,
the profits will have less chance of penetrating your personal Internet connection.

Most modems have a button called WPS.
If this button is enabled, a default safety system will be enabled to allow users to connect to the modem without using the password.
It’s not wise to do anything, and it provides you with a way to influence the mods and your personal Internet network.
So always try to deactivate the WPS button on the modem and connect your modem to the Internet with your predefined password.

In addition, you can doubt whether or not you are using WiFi modem in addition to that.
To do this, go to your modem settings page.
In many modems, or better, most of them can be accessed through the modem settings page by entering “” values. You must enter a username and password to enter this page.

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