خانه Cosmetics Trick Selection of the Fragrance Perfume

Trick Selection of the Fragrance Perfume

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Perfume Choice Guide
It has come to the point that you have bought perfume or brandy at a high price, but you have noticed that you are not happy with the smell and taste of the solution. Read more about choosing perfume like every other choice. By knowing And following them was a favorite result. The choice of perfume

The interesting thing about perfumes is that the fragrance is similar to music, it requires different occasions and different spirits of your own music. Perfume, just like that, should perfume your perfume.

Tips for choosing the perfect perfume

You should note the following points to choose a perfect fragrance.

1- Test the size of the perfume:
The first step in buying a scent odor test is that if you are careful, then after two or three tests, it is hard for you to pick up the sample because the sense of smell at this time will be diagnosed with successive stimuli with a temporary weakness, so better Have a look at the exact name of the fragrance or relax after two or three tests for a while, and restart your test.
2- After choosing a perfume one round:
After you have chosen the flavor you took out of the store, and stay away from the stores for a few minutes, so that you can understand the quality of perfume after a while.

How to test perfume and choose the best perfume

3- Select your personality perfume:
If you are a social and warm person, the best perfume for you is the fruit aroma, but if you are shy and isolated, the aroma of cinnamon is the best choice for you. If you are a thin person, use cool and gentle perfumes, and if you You are a little bit fat, bitter perfume is more suitable.
4. Do not apply perfume to any place.
The best and most appropriate part of the body that you have to put on the scent is behind the ear and neck and the inner part of the wrist or the same on the pulse.

The best body part for perfume

5 Perfect Perfume with Season:
It is advisable to choose your fragrance according to the season, so that in warm seasons, use a cool, spicy scent, and in warm seasons, it’s hot in the cold seasons.

6 – High-endurance perfume:
If you like the fragrance you buy, it’s best to know that perfumery perfumes with a 20% 30% composition have a very high shelf life.

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